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Hayward Tree Service goal is to provide exceptional Trees Service, quality tree removal, stump grinding, and professional  tree trimming with competitive pricing. We are proud to be known for our quality of work and professional standards. From trimming a small ornamental tree to the removal of large and dangerous trees, you can depend on us to do it the BEST!

We utilize the latest tree care tools and equipment to professionally handle every job. Our well-maintained vehicles and specialized equipment includes:

• 35 Ton Crane for those big tree removals  See our video's

70 Ft Bucket Truck for to reach trees

• Dump Trucks Hayward Has the largest trucks in the State

• Large Capacity Tree Chippers

• Stump Grinders

Hayward Tree is offering tree removal from above using a specialized crane. The benefit of this service is that we can remove your tree from above and avoid tearing up your yard and leaving drag marks. No broken limbs, no crushed bushes. It’s quick, efficient, and leaves your property looking clean, undisturbed, and untouched. Best of all, it’s at no additional cost to you! It’s our thanks for being a Hayward Tree customer. Below are some sample tree removal videos with our crane. Click on the links to see how its done by professionals.

  Large Tree Removals In Peoria, AZ Using 35 ton Crane Video's

 Sissoo Tree Removal Crane Video

Mesquite Tree Removal Crane Video

Pine Tree Removal Crane Video

Willow Acacia Tree Removal Crane Video

Ficus Tree Removal Crane Video

Sissoo Tree Removal Crane Video

We have a skilled team of tree cutters that work safely and effectivly in a time-saving manner. We always respect and protect your home, landscaping and pets. All the brush and wood products are chipped and hauled away to be completely recycled. Our crews take great pride in their work and the cleanup job has been described as “immaculate” by some of our customers.

We have earned an excellent reputation and stand behind our work 100 percent. With our years of experience, friendly attitude, superb references and commitment — you can be confident that we will do an excellent job for you. 

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The Value of Professional Peoria Tree Service

Far too often homeowners believe that they can handle tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal on their own. What they don’t realize is the hard work that is required and the dangers that such tasks involve. Peoria Tree Service has been caring for the residents of Peoria trees for years. 

Palm Tree Removal In Peoria, AZ Using 35 ton Crane Video's 

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Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 1

Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 4

Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 2

Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 5

Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 3

Palm Tree Removal Crane Video 6

Tree removal is a job best left to trained professionals. 

It takes more than just an axe or chain saw to properly and safely cut a tree down. Our arborist will know how to properly cut a tree down in a way that will not damage surrounding property. Hundreds of injuries and countless dollars in damage are caused every year by improper tree removal.

Saguaro Cactus Removal In Peoria, AZ Using 35 ton Crane Vidoes 

Saguaro Cactus Removal 1

Saguaro Cactus Removal 2

Peoria Tree Service knows stump grinding is the practical way to get rid of an unwanted stump.
Removing a stump from the ground requires special equipment and sometimes chemicals. Stump grinding can grind a stump down enough that is no longer a nuisance at a price that is far more appealing than ripping the stump from the ground. Let our professional arborists at Scottsdale Tree Service remove your unwanted stump safely and quickly.

Your  Local Peoria Tree Service provides fertilization for your tree.

 A properly placed tree can provide shade that can lower electric bills by reducing the cost of cooling your home. To keep such a tree healthy it is sometimes necessary to fertilize that tree to make sure it is getting the nutrients it needs.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, you’d be wise to secure the services of a professional arborist before considering any work around your yard.

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Other Services We Offer:
 -Tree Trimming
-Tree Removal
-Tree Fertilization
-Queen Palm Fertilization
- Stump Grinding

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Customer Testimonials

Gilbert, AZ

"Hayward did a great job removing our HUGE mesquite tree. The trunk was 96" around! They gave the best quote, arrived on time, worked hard and were respectful. They did an amazing clean up job- the area looked better than before they came. We would definitely call them again"   -Lara F.

Phoenix, AZ

"Hayward Tree Service was very professional in removing an unwanted palm tree and grinding two other stumps from my yard.  Scheduling over the phone with their office staff was easy.  The estimator showed up on time and his price was better than a competitor's quote I received for the same work.  The crew arrived on the morning they were scheduled.  All were friendly and worked diligently to complete the job in a couple of hours.  While cleaning up they even cleared my sidewalk of grass clippings that I had left there after mowing my lawn, a mess they didn't make.  My yard looks much better now that the stumps are gone and I'm happy that I don't have to mow around them anymore.  If you have trees or stumps that need to be removed I would recommend giving Hayward Tree Service a call"   -Josh M. 

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