Professional tree service in Gilbert AZ

We take great pride in our professionalism and in having the know-how to provide a complete and exceptional tree service to our customers. 

Our experienced tree specialists, at Gilbert Tree Service, will carefully remove any diseased, weak or superfluous branches. Proper tree trimming  will allow essential sunlight to filter through to the stronger and healthier branches. We will also remove branches that have begun to interfere with power, telephone or cable lines or the home itself or that may become a danger to your home or family.

If your tree is beyond fixing, we offer tree removal service as well. We can provide you with the information you need to make a decision on whether to keep a sick or damaged tree. After a complete assessment we will give you options on what is best for your tree. 

At Gilbert Tree Service we know, like all living things, trees require the proper nourishment to remain healthy and strong. Our arborist experts will be able to prescribe the ideal fertilizer to keep your trees beautiful by thoroughly inspecting the soil and water conditions, tree roots, leaves and bark.

Lastly, if you have an unwanted tree stump, big or small, we can grind it and get your yard looking as if there were never a tree there. There is enough room after we grind for you to grow grass or plants to cover or improve your yard. The possiblities will be endless, just give us a call to get started on your dream yard.

Together, we will keep your trees healthy, safe and beautiful.

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Customer Testimonials

Gilbert, AZ

"Hayward did a great job removing our HUGE mesquite tree. The trunk was 96" around! They gave the best quote, arrived on time, worked hard and were respectful. They did an amazing clean up job- the area looked better than before they came. We would definitely call them again"   -Lara F.

Phoenix, AZ

"Hayward Tree Service was very professional in removing an unwanted palm tree and grinding two other stumps from my yard.  Scheduling over the phone with their office staff was easy.  The estimator showed up on time and his price was better than a competitor's quote I received for the same work.  The crew arrived on the morning they were scheduled.  All were friendly and worked diligently to complete the job in a couple of hours.  While cleaning up they even cleared my sidewalk of grass clippings that I had left there after mowing my lawn, a mess they didn't make.  My yard looks much better now that the stumps are gone and I'm happy that I don't have to mow around them anymore.  If you have trees or stumps that need to be removed I would recommend giving Hayward Tree Service a call"   -Josh M. 

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